Guri Adventures – Setting up a 6 monitors configuration for NOC usage

Hello guys,

I decided to create this post to talk about the difficulties that i’ve passed through while i was implementing our NOC enviroment where i’m working, with the steps and recommendations that i’ve received from the graphics card manufacturer.

For the machine, we used a Dell 7010 Tower, equipped with 8gb ram and a i5 3570. As for the graphics card, we had choosen a AMD Sapphire GPRO 6200, which have the capability to support 6 monitors though a mini displayport output, which is running 6 LG TVs with HDMI-to-MiniDP adapters.

After the graphics card and adaptors arrived, we started implementing our workstation and the 6 TVs. Three days reinstalling our OS, drivers, switching adapters and pci-e slot, we could only make 2 monitors work simultaneously.

After losing all that time, i decided to do searches on Sapphire’s site (which was the only place where i found something about this graphics card), where i get to this link: GPRO 6200

While looking on the FAQ (they removed the how-to and reason why my solution wasn’t working), i found out that exists two types of adapters – Active Adapters and Passive Adapters.

In a little resume: Passive Adapters doesn’t have a conversor, making them cheaper, but only usable if the graphics card (in this case), is compatible with the DP++ Technology, and also limits it to only 2 adapters. Active Adapters, however, have this converson, making them more expensive, but doesn’t need the DP++ Technology and doesn’t have that limitation.

As we bought only passive adapters (due to the low cost), the only solution we had in the moment was to buy the right adapters, however, Sapphire had a workaround to solve the problem, and we will talk about it in this post.

1 – In the machine you’ve installed the monitors and the grapphics card, open the AMD Crimsom Driver Manager. Go to Systems and select Hardware. There, you will find the path for the driver registry.

2 – Now, open regedit and go to the specified path, In this case, the register was located in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Class{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0000”. Open it, and create a DWORD register key with the name “DalReportSingleSelectedTiming”, and set the value to 1 (0x00000001).

3 – After setting it up, restart your computer, now you should be able to active more than 2 monitors using the passive adapter.

I found during my tests a lot of patterns on how to bring all monitors up. It was necessary to organize the activation of all the monitors by even numbers and odd numbers, working as my bottom monitors to top monitors.

In the end, i could only use 5 monitors through the machine, with the sixth monitor being setted up in a notebook until all active adapters arrived.

As a disclaimer: This isn’t really supported, as sapphire support technicians said themselves to me after a lot of time talking with them by e-mail.

There’s a old photo (where we had another machine running out graphics card and the notebook), we had a lot of changes since i’ve first made this configuration, but we will talk about it later in another post.

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